How Do I Secure A Real Estate Tax Abatement?

Industrial Development

A Tax Abatement Is One Of The Most Important Incentives Available A real estate tax abatement is one of the most valuable incentives that you can receive. Offered by communities to spur new development and investment, abatements freeze property taxes at pre-improvement values. This lowers the cost of building and occupying new development for you, […]

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Why Choose St. Louis For Real Estate Development?

Commerical Real Estate

The St. Louis Region Has Plenty To Offer For Real Estate Development. Ever since the city won the World Leadership Award for urban renewal, real estate development in St. Louis has been on an upswing. With a central location, business friendly climate and diverse civic amenities, St. Louis attracts developers looking to build and fill […]

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Industrial Space in St. Louis: The Importance of Secure Overnight Truck Lots

Truck Lot

How is Your Security? There’s a lot more to property management than collecting rents, paying bills, and changing light bulbs. Something as simple as how a manager handles their parking lots could have a significant impact on your operations. Given that cargo trucks and containers are major targets for criminals, finding properties where the manager […]

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Industrial Space in St. Louis: Is Your Workplace Security Fit for the Task?

Workplace Security

A basic responsibility for a property management team is security Good property management covers the entire span of keeping a property profitable for its owners and usable for its tenants. There’s a lot more to management than just taking tenant calls for repairs and reconciling budgets for landlords. One of the key responsibilities for a […]

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A Checklist for Hiring your Property Management Company


Know what to expect from your property management company Whether you have real estate as an investment or you’re a corporate user with a portfolio that you don’t have the in-house staff to manage, professional property management can be an asset. The right property manager for your industrial space in St. Louis will save you […]

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Real Estate Development: What is a HUBZone?


Businesses located in a HUBZone benefit from federal government contracts The Small Business Administration’s HUBZone program is designed to incentivize businesses to locate in areas designated as “historically underutilized business zones.” When you locate in a real estate development in a HUBZone, you get special preference in receiving federal contract business. Introduction to HUBZones Created […]

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Triple Net Lease vs. Gross Lease for Industrial Space in St. Louis

Tenancy Agreement Signing

Do you know the difference? A triple net lease makes tenants pay for the expenses of the building separately while a gross lease gives the landlord responsibility for a building’s operating expenses. While the distinction between the two might seem vast, the two lease types are frequently more similar to each other than they may […]

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Industrial St. Louis Space Property Management: What is a gross lease?

Large Industrial Space

The Ins and Outs of a Gross Lease from the Experts in Industrial St. Louis Space Property Management A gross lease is one where the landlord and property management pay most or all of the operating costs of the building, leaving tenants with relatively little responsibility beyond the payment of their rent. Gross leases are […]

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St. Louis Industrial Space Property Management: What Can I Include When Negotiating Tenant Improvements?

St. Louis Skyline

Tenant Improvements Impact the Quality of the Industrial Space in St. Louis You Occupy. When you’re negotiating with your landlord’s property management team about the terms of your new lease, pay careful attention to your tenant improvements. While tenants frequently focus on their rent above all else, tenant improvements impact what it’s like to occupy […]

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Pros and Cons of a Triple Net Lease on an Industrial Space in St. Louis


Is a Triple Net Lease Good for Your St. Louis Industrial Space, Too? Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, a triple net lease has both advantages and drawbacks. This lease structure shifts the cost of the building’s operating expenses to the tenant. It also gives the tenant a lot of control over how it […]

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